Mini-rant: What is natural hair?

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Mini-rant: What is natural hair?

Post by kitsune899 on 16th March 2011, 2:33 am

Maybe its just me but after spending hours online looking at what to do with my 4c(4b for non-believers) hair I got into a tangent of just looking at all the ladies online trying to achieve this perfect curl. Gels,special creams,hours of twisting,early mornings,and who knows what else?

I finally stopped,closed my laptop and walked into the bathroom. My poofy,cottony hair stared at me form the mirror,as if asking "So how are you going to hide me today?". I had to think for a second before I decided,"Not tonight.Or tomorrow. This week,you be you." I mean,maybe I'm strange but I swore I stopped getting relaxers not just for health,but so I could embrace my true self. Yet there I was,day after day, staring at the very lovely,but very different 4a ladies on the web.And every time all I could do was figure out how to copy them.

Now,I understand that for some,they know what they like,and thats fine. If you need to braid up your hair to get your dream curls,go you! I just think at this point...I may need to take a break form the natural community online. It gets in your head,and can make you feel worse than when I spent an hour with a burning scalp so I could get that "white girl" swing. I love the ladies online,and how helpful they are,but there is too much hate,and judging for a natural student trying to discover her hair personality.

So for now,I'll step back,learn to love my cotton head,and not drool at every curly head that walks by. And maybe when I'm a little more mature,and a little more hair-confident,I'll return. Ready for the community,and ready to stand on my own. I'll be visiting(I couldn't stay away completely!) but I think this should be a self learning lesson for now. See ya'll in the future! Razz


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Re: Mini-rant: What is natural hair?

Post by Madeaj on 16th March 2011, 3:26 am

Girl you are right. Do you, that is the best thing. When I first went natural, I found TightlyCurly site. My hair was too short at the time (for me) but I figured as it got longer I could acheive her curls style. But the reality is that my hair is entirely different then hers. I kept hearing about people finding their hair twin. So I looked for mine. Didn't find one. Looked for hair similarities, then. Found a few, but their products didn't work for me.

I found curly nikki. Boo Yah! success, because here I realized I had to figure out what worked for me rather then what worked for someone else. I still have not found anybody with hair like mine. Not even my sister. My hair really defies description, its got like 20 different textures, some curl, some wave, a few straight strands, kinky bits and coils all on one head. lol. The only thing all the hairs have in common is they are all very fine. I do like my hair, though, a lot. Can't keep my hands out of it sometimes.

Sometimes, you have to step away from the computer. When you have decompressed from the overabundance of youtube videos TELLING you what to do with your hair, come back and share with us. dance run

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