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Post by pamela_atl on 31st May 2010, 10:42 am

I see so many post with people using all of these different concoctions that they have mixed together or using about 10 different products on thier hair daily which is not something that I want to do. I would prefer just getting something already made i.e Miss Jessies, Kinky Curly..etc

I dont know what hair type I have all I know is that it is wooly at the top and on the sides but in the back its a little curly with some wooly going on, and let me tell you it shrinks like crazy. Im VERY low maintenace so it seems to me that the braidouts would be about the best style to wear during this mid twa phase.

So my questions are below please help your sister out.

1. My hair is hella dry what is the best premade products (shampoo, condition, butters) to use without having a greasy build up?

2. What can I do for major shrinkage?

3. How can I get my hair curly all over instead of this wooly look?

4. What kinds of styles can I wear that last at least 2 to 3 days?


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Post by EbonyQueen on 17th November 2010, 5:03 pm

these are my 2 cents:

preshampoo with a mix of coconut oil and olive oil (and possibly a cheap conditioner). let it sit on your dry hair for about 30 minutes (wear a shower cap)

shampoo with this

condition with this

while you hair is still wet, style with this using twists
make your parts cute, meaning part it so you can feel comfortable wearing twists all day in public. after a few days take them down and your hair will retain curls

you can moisturize your hair as needed with any of the above oils you use and avocado oil

hope i helped Very Happy

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