The Scale CAN be your friend....It is mine!!!

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The Scale CAN be your friend....It is mine!!!

Post by misskris on 22nd February 2011, 1:54 pm

Hey Ladies....

Saw this article om today and wanted to share it with you. I get on the scale everyday. It helps me stay focused on what my ultimate goal is and stay on track. When I am trying to lose weight I ALWAYS weigh myself daily. But when I fall off, I don't even touch it!! LOL Sad, I know. But now I am on the wagon and hopefully for good this time.
I like all points this article touches on but 1 and 4 particularly. People (including myself) sometimes think that the scale goes up because they have been lifting weights. But it takes about a whole month for you to gain 1 lb of muscle so I doubt that would be the reason for the scale's needle moving in the upward direction in just a matter of a few days. Women's weight fluctuates daily so we shouldn't get discouraged when it moves in the wrong direction. It's most likely only temporary.

Here is the article. Hope you find it helpful.


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