How often do you excuse people?

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Re: How often do you excuse people?

Post by dajewel on 22nd February 2011, 4:54 pm

Indigo.Blue wrote:Thanks Tiff and Pretty,Pleaseee for understanding human nature...

Lost in translation with a whole...nation...

You give me hope that the world is not as bad as I think it is...the bridge becomes a more appealing option everyday...

"Goodnight crule world...I'll see you in the morning..." Kanye

say what? with all due respect... i understood everything u said cuz i know english. am all about uncommon ideologies that are smart and support an amazing and healthy paradigm shift. however, the logic you provide does not achieve this. i don't understand your logic. we are living in the same dimension on the same planet, right? r u ok?

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Re: How often do you excuse people?

Post by Takeya on 22nd February 2011, 7:21 pm

I guess I'm a little confused. What's the real problem here...the "slave hair" term or that he doesn't prefer her hair in its natural state?

My parents have been married for almost 37 years (more happily now than ever) but they don't love everything about each other. Probably never have! Neither of them have a problem expressing it either, which likely led to many arguments I overheard as a child. From my perspective, arguments can be quite healthy though as long as they stay "above the belt".

This may not have led to any arguments but I remember very clearly that my mom kept a TWA for a long time and she LOVED it! It was less maintenance and really suit her well. My dad, on the other hand, HATED it...he prefers long hair! They didn't get divorced and he didn't love/ spoil my mom any less. Now, for him, my mom has let her hair grow quite long but professes often that if he dies first, her hair will be the next thing to go! LOL

If the "slave hair" comment felt like a hit below the belt, the relationship will be challenged and possibly doomed to fail before it ever gets started.

However, if he just doesn't prefer her hair in its natural state...oh well! It is what it is and he obviously likes her enough to overlook his preference. He may never love it but he may grow to love her enough that it no longer matters. What's wrong with that?

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