So Contradictory

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So Contradictory

Post by NhappyJackie on 14th February 2011, 4:01 pm

My ultimate hair goal, is healthy mid-back lenght hair. Protective styling is my favorite. So I've been P.S'ing for a while now. My recent set of micro twists are hitting just below my shoulders in the back so I am definitley coming closer to my goal. But here's the problem.....the feeling of the movement is so annoying right now. I don't get it. My hair is doing exactly what I want it to do and I am complaining about it. It is taking everything in me to not pull out a ponytail holder because i don't want my hair to "bunch up" before this weekend. I want to wear it down when I go out for my B'day. Maybe I'm just no used to feeling this much movement since for the past 6 weeks I've worn my hair pinned up to keep it from brusing my shoulders. I really feel like I am contradicting myself today.

Does anyone else have this problem? Sorry no pics just yet. I am at work but will post pics when I get home tonight.

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