I need to break out of my shell

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I need to break out of my shell

Post by Gone Girl35 on 13th February 2011, 4:57 am

Ok I have to keep it real ..I dont know about all of you but I have been natural for a year with a sewin then I finally had my stylist talk me into wearing all of this beautiful hair that i have been blessed with, but I dont like the way I look. Some faces are not meant for everything. I will see some sisters straight rocking their hair..1a 2h 5r.. I dont know and dont care and i say damn i wish i could be more confident with how I look with my own hair. I know that this is challenging to accept all of me so I am praying to GOD for self acceptance, faith, perservence, and new self love..Because everytime i look at that bag of Extensions Plus wavy curly , I want to go back to a safety net. So after being on youtube, here, and every other site. I did it i washed my real straight pressed and chi ironed every 2 weeks hairdo (that is shedding from the heat) sectioned, dc, under the dryer and about to try this miss jessie curly pudding in my head. Now I have 2 beautiful girls both 5 and 8 who are rocking two strand twist and they are natural girls all the way, and they asked me yesterday Mommy why dont you wear your hair like ours.How can I tell them that Mommy dont feel pretty enough to. So I said ok I will..But again scared as hell. But the only way to conquer fear is to deal with it. To be continued.

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Re: I need to break out of my shell

Post by DreamMerchant on 13th February 2011, 11:01 am

We have all been there! I felt the same way when I chose to wear my hair twisted but in a bun until May. I felt frumpy, unmanaged and a bit insecure. The only reason why we think that way is because we are not used to seeing many black people rock natural hair AND because it is a new look for us as a person too.

When I started trying to twist my hair and wear it out, it was a hot mess (I have pics to prove it). As time went on, I got better at finding products that helped my hair.

1. Figure out what style you want. Do you want wash-n-goes, twistouts, afro?
2. Find some videos with hair similar in texture and length. This will give a start on what you might want to do. All hair is different though.
3. Come to CN and ask tons of questions! It always helps if you can post a pic of your hair so that you can find some hair twins!
4. Take pics of the styles you have tried and post them. It is never as bad as it seems. We do not need to see your face or anything. But you could be encouraing other lurkers too!

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