Let's help out Kim...

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Let's help out Kim...

Post by AimWard on 9th February 2011, 8:33 pm

She's got a gang of stuff, and most of it (with the exception of that Miss Jessie's she's holding IMO) will get the job done beautifully. So watch the video, examine the bottles of products, and post what you think she should use. That way she can start using some of that stuff up before it gets out of hand.

I saw a basket full of stuff (behind her TWA friend) of what looks like the Shea Moisture Yucca and Aloe line as well as the Coconut Hibiscus line. I would say start there. Use the Yucca and Aloe poo and condish and use the coconut hibiscus smoothie for a twist out. Next week try out the Kinky Curly line for a wash and go (and follow the directions, don't mix with any of the other stuff, follow the directions! watch shelly's videos on you tube if you must). The week after try out the Afroveda stuff and use the Pur Whipped Jelly for another wash and go or twistout. This is going to be a process of elimination, so take detailed notes each week on how your hair felt and what it seemed to like. Soon you'll know by just reading the ingredients.


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