Flight by Jane Burke

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Flight by Jane Burke

Post by SpiroGirl on 30th January 2011, 11:54 pm

I am currently reading "Flight" by Jan Burke. This book is part of the Irene Kelly mystery series. So far so good. I'm only 10 chapters into the book and at this time, it's very interesting. I have become an avid ready of Jan Burke's books. I initially read "The Messenger" by her a couple of months ago and I just loved her writing style. It reminds me of (don't laugh guys) the historical romance novels I use to read several years ago Very Happy.

I enjoy actually going to the library and checking out books. I know that it's "old fashioned" but the smell of those old books and the sound the pages make as you turn them, ahhhh "priceless". I initially read romance novels, then I started reading all African American writers, but now I am into genre literature. More specifically, mysteries. Love Them!!! woot! Currently, The Messengers and Level 26 (written by the creator of CSI) are my favorite.


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