Wsh and go / cg method

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Wsh and go / cg method

Post by sweetnsassi on 28th January 2011, 4:59 pm

I have been bc's for about a 1 1/2 yrs and all i have really been able to do with my hair is a wash and go. I never have more than 1 day hair. I sleep on it and then the only option I have is to do another wash n go the next day. It is always flattend to my head with no revival.

With all the WNG i do i have tried the CG method but my hair is super thick somewhere in the 4 range and take a very long time to dry. With the wng and cg i noticed the other day when i went to scratch my head tht i had a bunch of product under my nail. Is this because my hair is not getting clean enough or just because it is still wet 6 hrs later?

So i guess my questions are

How do you get more than one day hair with a wash and go ? Twist outs as well i can only get one day with them also!

And how do you feel about the CG method


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Re: Wsh and go / cg method

Post by DvaAuNaturel on 28th January 2011, 5:44 pm

I just typed a whole bunch and lost it....uuuuugggghhhh...starting over.

Anyway, Hi SweetnSassie,

How do you get more than one day hair with a wash and go ? Twist outs as well i can only get one day with them also!

I get my best 2nd, 3th and even 4th day hair when using my beloved Kinky Curly products. I use the shampoo, KCKT leave in, and then the custard the first day and on the following days use a mix of the custard and water mix in a bottle. I spray the custard/water mix onto my hair for the 2-4 days and my hair is good to go.

When I'm using other products I just spray my hair in the morning with plain H20 and depending on how it feels I may add a little leave in condish and seal wit hoil. If my hair is super moisturized then I'll just wet with water and seal with my EVOO, jojoba oil, or my hairveda cocasta oil.

I can't really speak to the twists but check out the curl street journals of Lynnieluv and KrazyCoils. Their twists are gorgeous and I'm certain they have tips on how to get 2nd day hair with twists.

And how do you feel about the CG methodI'm revisiting the CG method now for the 2nd time around since my 2nd BC in Sept 2010. So far, so good. My hair feels pretty good actually. I don't have any build up and if I do start noticing it I may go to a non sulfate shampoo in order to clean it better. I wonder if you can try adding some tea tree oil to your condish when you co-wash. That might help the scalp. I'm sure you can find some tips on here about that. I'm by no means an expert but just a thought - I think I've read that here before. I know in Lorraine Massey's Curly Girl book she talks about using lemon and/or baking soda to ocassionally clarify the hair. You might want to check out her book so you can get the tips directly from the source. I'm going to stick with the CG method a little longer just to be sure if my hair loves/doesn't like it. Best of luck to you.


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