Various Ayurvedic treatments

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Various Ayurvedic treatments

Post by clara on 13th December 2010, 2:54 am

Any ayurvedic health resortin Kerala offers a wide variety of curative, preventive or rejuvenating therapies like shirodhara, njavarakizhi, lepanam, dhoopanam, swedanam, podikkizhi, shirovasti, abhyangam etc.

Shirodhara includes the steady and continuous flow of liquid on the forehead of the patient. The liquid can be medicated concoctions, milk or buttermilk according to the nature and severity of the disease of the patient. The treatment has proven to be a fine remedy for sleeplessness and stress-related diseases.

Njavarakkizhi is a therapy with boiled njavara rice, milk and medicated oil. The particular way of applying the boluses, which contain njavara, is found to be effective in curing joint pain, rheumatism and high cholesterol.

Pizhichil (a particular way of pouring medicated liquid all over the body), abhyangam (the whole body massage) etc too are very effective Ayurvedic treatments. While the first one cures arthritis, paralysis, nervous weakness etc, the latter increases the lustre of the skin, enhances the blood circulation and tones up the muscles.

Dhoopanam is a different Ayurvedic method which makes use of the medicinal quality of medicated fumes. Lepanam, another important Ayurvedic treatment employs medicated paste, which is rubbed over the body and it provides relief from skin diseases, arthritis etc. There are many other Ayurvedic methods, all of which, if performed well under the supervision of a learnt Ayurvedic practitioner can bring in wonders.


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Re: Various Ayurvedic treatments

Post by yakson on 19th January 2011, 3:46 am

Ayurveda has been prepared and the release of various ailments. Protecting the health of healthy people and patients to treat these two diseases are the main objectives of this science. The same importance is given to the prevention of illness and healing.


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