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Re: College: Greek Organizations

Post by chynadoll8799 on 16th January 2011, 9:56 pm

First and foremost, please make your #1 goal in going to college-to get an education and a degree and better yourself.
I agree with Cassiedagoddess 100%.
Please do a lot of research , a LOT of research on ANY organization you choose to join. Just because there is no chapter of AKA on the campus of the school you want to go to, does not mean that black women have stopped "banding together". There are millions of african american women who are not in a greek letter organization and I hope that you will find that there is so much more to college than joining a sorority.
Without saying too much, let me a LOT of research on the organization before you join. Not everyone's experience has been good. EVERYthing about joining a sorority is not sunshine and roses, trust me.
I felt similar to you when I first attended college and quickly changed my mind when I learned more
Also, you sound like joining this organization is a priority for you. Have you thought over how you will handle things if they do not accept you into their organization?


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