Ambitious_Tiff: Insanity Day 1 & 3 Day Old Rod Set

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Re: Ambitious_Tiff: Insanity Day 1 & 3 Day Old Rod Set

Post by Ambitious_Tiff on 29th March 2011, 5:12 pm

JessiWantsCurls wrote:Congratulations on jumping in on the Insanity! I agree with Sweet ... I would have never guessed that you have self-image issues because you always seem really confident.

Be careful with that Insanity, hun. My first day on I got super nauseous. If you're throwing up afterwards, then you're pushing way too hard. Pacing yourself and staying hydrated should help with that.
Thanks for that. I know I don't drink anywhere near enough water. I am working to get in a 1.5 liter of Fiji (best bottled water out there) everyday before I leave work (usually here anywhere between 8-10 hours). That way I know I will be very well hydrated. Any tips for how to better pace myself? I try to slow up when I start feeling too too out of breath. I don't stop but just go to a different, exercise like push ups or sit ups or something to catch my breath a little bit.

Juices-n-Berries wrote:Love your posts. And I love your hair. Sometimes transitioning hair looks a bit lifeless. But yours actually looks all the way natural. I can't even tell you have relaxed ends when you do your styles. Keep up the good work.
Hey there! I really appreciate that. It can only get better from here then right?

KinkyNappyHappy wrote:You know I really thought I had been over here. Well forgive me and you will soon learn I have CRS.

So hun WELCOME to CS...I've enjoyed reading your thread, you make me feel I'm right here with you.

I will tell you this....its good to focus on the things we want to change, but remember to love youself in the right now!!! However, I do feel you...I know I will never see a size 7 again...I'm just trying to hold on to a size 10!!! lol!
There are A LOT of interesting journals here so I can see how we can't get to them all in one day or even one week. I'm just glad you came by. Very Happy I am working on the bolded concept. Its such a slippery slope, trying to love the self you are while trying to improve it. Girl I will take that 10 right about now, lol. lol! By the way, what is CRS?

Fleur wrote:Congrats on getting up and being motivated to living a healthier lifestyle. I used to be a 4, but I was always sick and/or hospitalized because that was too small for my height. Focus on changing your diet, toning up and increasing your strength and endurance. The weight will eventually fall off in the process. I'm finishing P90x in another month and want to try Insanity next. (I'm scared though, LOL).

Your flexi-style is beautiful, Tiff! You are holding that transitioning process down. I don't know how you do it, but I'm loving it.
Fleur, I appreciate your compliment! I have P90X also! If I make it thru Insanity I will try that then possibly alternate the 2 with a month break in between. Can't help but stay in shape then. Don't be scared, just know going in that it is some serious cardio. You're right on shifting focus though. If I do those things my weight can only fall in line.

You make me feel so good about being a transitioner! You really make me feel like I'm going about the whole thing with some grace, lol. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

BrownSkinDiva wrote:Hey Tiff!!

I really appreciate you sharing your story about body image. Just know that you are very beautiful and we must remember to keep one another lifted because that encouragement and motivation is key.

I love your curls hon and hope you have a great week!
I am making a valiant effort to stay upbeat. Thank you! Lol, you know I will be at your house sometime in the near future, lol.

kekesmom29 wrote:Girl, you just told the story of my life in your post! I'm sitting at my desk about to cry... Sad But WE can and will overcome this. I'm about to head to the gym now and *try* to get in some strength training.

Your hair looks amazing! I didn't even realize you were transitioning. It all just blends very well. Good luck on both of your journeys! Razz
Thank you darling! Don't cry. Things can only get better from here. You're right, we will overcome this. I'm glad you are choosing to take control as well. Very Happy

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