Henna Cones

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Henna Cones

Post by DreamMerchant on 14th March 2011, 3:02 am

Soooooooo......before I was pushed into the PJ hair intervention program. I went on a binge. I purchased 4 cones of henna. I did not know what they were (I do now!). I just knew it was henna. Well, I decided to get try to do a henna gloss with it. When I cut the cone open, I noticed that it was pre-mixed. Ok, I can handle that. So I squeezed it all out and added some conditioner to it and mixed it up. Since it was pre-mixed. I figured that the dye had already released. I applied the henna mix to my twists, left it in for 4 hours then rinsed. I have no idea if it worked! So this week, I had two more cones to use. This time, I mixed the two cones with 1 whole lemon to make sure the dye releases. Then I applied it to about 8 twists because I wanted highlights. It did not work! I am still rinsing this stuff out and I cowash daily. I did not want to take down my twists to henna. I will never try that again. Just thought I would share.

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