Just got my order and its wrong!

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Just got my order and its wrong!

Post by meepmeep1101 on 4th March 2011, 4:26 pm

I just got my order from New Directions, and everything is fine, but they sent me the absolute Bulgarian rose EO instead of the 3% dilution version. O_O The absolute cost $43 in 15ml O_O. I'm wondering should I tell them, but its not like they can take it back.

On another note, My hair LOVES LOVES Cottonseed oil...omg. Since it is the 3rd ingredient in my condish. lol. I made a leave in of a little Garnier Triple nutrition, Ylang ylang water, EVOO, cottonseed oil, 3 drops of peru balsam, and 5 drops of rose bulgarian. I really REALLY want an EO that smells sweet and fruity. I like the smell of ylang ylang and rose, but its not really my taste, but i;ll keep them for the other benefits.

Any suggestions for an EO?

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