I should be happy, but.....

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I should be happy, but.....

Post by MelMelBee on 3rd March 2011, 2:05 am

When I started my natural hair journey last summer, I read and read and read to make sure that I was doing everything I could to make my hair healthy. I started doing monthly henna/amla treatments, made spritzes, read product labels, did protective styles, etc. Back then, my hair was overly porous and extremely fine.

It's grown ALOT. However, recently I've noticed some dryness. Not many product changes, so I couldn't quite figure out the problem...until now. I just re-did the strand test, using water. My hair never sank. It just floated on top. It's not as fine as it used to be and based on the water test, it's no longer overly porous. That's great right? I don't feel so great!

Now, I feel like I'll have to go back to the drawing board, looking and reading through articles and labels, etc to ensure that I am getting everything I need to maintain my growth and hair health.

What do you ladies do to survive hair changes?

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Re: I should be happy, but.....

Post by creolebeauty1 on 3rd March 2011, 3:32 am

well that's an awesome thing i did the strand test and my hair floated from the beginning and i go with the basics , i mean you know basically that your hair needs moisture the most , protective styling , and maybe some protein so just utilize that and if you want an all natural regime you already know what to stay away from i would say you do not need to read anything else you already know any and everything and tool to utilize towards great hair Smile

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