3 years natural and just starting to find my way...

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3 years natural and just starting to find my way...

Post by NaturallyEJ on 28th February 2011, 6:16 pm

Hello Ladies,

As you read, I have been natural for about 3 years now and I am just starting to blog and do Natural hair videos on youtube etc. I have always loved my natural hair, but I guess I am just now starting to explore different treatments, products and more styles with my hair. I want to share it with all of you guys. If you would be so kind, please check out some of my videos and subscribe to my youtube channel. If you have a channel as well, I will sub back Very Happy My Channel is www.youtube.com/EJHalo please post comments and questions on there and I look forward to interacting with you. Also, my blog is www.NaturallyEJ.blogspot.com Please come on over and check me out. I would love to get feedback, advice, questions and just ready to have a good time with my Natural buddies...

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