A strip of land as God's blessing

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A strip of land as God's blessing

Post by Tobias09 on 26th February 2011, 3:33 pm

Kerala is a green strip of land with lush vegetation and intricate networks of rivers, lagoons, canals and the coastlines constantly lapped by the Arabian Sea. The reason for this are the constant monsoon that fall almost throughout the year.The tourist sector of the country is at advantage due to this enchanting state.

The Monsoons have to turned out to be the season for tourist visits instead of being a dampener. The main reason for this phenomenon is the ancient medical science of Ayurveda which claims that Monsoon means Rejuvenation time. The freshening effect of the first monsoon showers which brings with it a great relief from the sweltering heat then gives way to sluggishness in the atmosphere. The constant rains start to dampen ones' spirit.

As constant rains play havoc with your health by reducing the immunity of the body and making it prone to all kinds of diseases, it is important that the body is given time to relax and heal. This comes true with the Monsoon Therapy or Karakkidaka Chikilsta which involves Panchakarma - the process of elimination of toxins and modification to a much better and healthy diet. The Sukha Chikitsa or rejuvenation treatment involves detoxification, reactivation of the tired body from within and regain strength and stamina.

In kerala ayurvedic spas and health centres are mushrooming because of the high success rate of Monsoon Therapy. It is important that one is cautious and seeks treatment only in authentic and certified centres under the supervision of a certified practitioner.


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