I'm on youtube! 15 months post relaxer...

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I'm on youtube! 15 months post relaxer...

Post by I Luv Grease! on 25th February 2011, 1:46 pm

Hey ladies,

I'm a long-term transitioner and I just decided to start documenting my hair journey on youtube. I know alot of ladies want to go natural but are scared to BC and many who want to do long-term transitions but have trouble dealing with the two textures. So I wanted to let you ladies know about my new channel and I hope to inspire some of you. I only have one video so far and it's just a slideshow but I plan to put a few more out within the next week.

Here's a link to my channel


If you have any topic ideas or any concerns you have about transitioning that you would like me to discuss with you on here or in a video, please let me know!

I wish you all much success in your hair and life journeys Smile
I Luv Grease!
I Luv Grease!

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Re: I'm on youtube! 15 months post relaxer...

Post by TiffNotANY on 25th February 2011, 4:09 pm

I'm almost @ 15 months. It'll be good to see someone that's at the same mark and their progression =)

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